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Men should not tolerate abuse either — of any kind

There are forms of domestic abuse other than being beaten. And women are, by no means, the only victims of emotional and mental abuse. When they pull that old line about “I really appreciate a guy who is sensitive and thoughtful” and so on and so forth, what it often translates into is, “I want somebody I can torture. Somebody vulnerable enough at heart with an open enough mind to put up with me while I dump all over him.”




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Have faith in yourself to overcome weight-loss struggles









“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” — Oprah Winfrey


Companies spend literally billions of dollars a year trying to convince people to buy their products and change their behavior. It’s a tough sell — people don’t like to change their behavior unless they see a clear reason to change. I’m no different, and changing the habits that contributed to my weight gain has been no small task. But I’ve done it. Continue Reading →

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The smartest White team in the NBA

T-Wolves team return to the 1950s? Race controversy swells up once again as seen in the bitter reactions to an October 28, 2012 Star Tribune story (“Timberwolves: Pale in comparison to the rest of the NBA”), about how the T-Wolves are “going White,” with readers opposed to my saying it was not a coincidence but a Timberwolves calculation, that I was beating a dead horse. Commenters backed David Kahn (Wolves president of basketball operations), and Rick Adelman (head coach). I used words like “disturbing,” “raises some real questions,” “calculated.” I paraphrased Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “nullification of diversity and a reversal of history”. Did not Coach Rick Adelman say that with his now mostly all-White team, he finally has “a very smart team”? Continue Reading →

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Getting to ‘The Root’ of hair loss

The impact of disease on hair

Conclusion of a two-part story

By Anika Robbins

Contributing Writer


Disease and illness, and in some cases the treatment of those illnesses, are also implicit in hair loss. Auto-immune diseases like lupus cause hair loss in up to 50 percent of those diagnosed. Diabetes, alopecia areata, and other such conditions also factor significantly. Those with type 2 diabetes are particularly prone to infection. Bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections of the scalp are common and can result in hair loss as well. Continue Reading →

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The ABCs of healthy relationships

What is a healthy relationship? You may think loyalty, trust, respect, honesty, responsibility, etc. All these answers are true. This is a great checklist on what healthy relationships can and should contain. All these answers are elements that produce relationships that flourish into beautiful unions. Continue Reading →

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Black Fashion History Day a great success

By Rosa Bogar

Contributing Writer


October 21, 2012, was declared “Black Fashion History Day” by Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton. When the governor’s Proclamation was read by “fashion enthusiast” Roger Clark to the crowd gathered at the Capri Theater in North Minneapolis that Sunday evening, it brought down the house with thunderous applause. The event was historic, memorable, and enjoyed by all who attended. The emcee was Carol Payne, who also moderated the panel discussion with panelists Rozenia Hoodfuller, a former model; Jewelean Jackson, former director of the Ms. Black MN Pageant Inc.; Sylvia Loveless-Amos, who designed for the entertainers Prince, Jody Watley, and other noted musicians; and Charles Caldwell, a former model and now owner of C. Caldwell Fine Arts Gallery and Studio. The panel did an outstanding job of informing the audience of what the fashion scene was like during this period known as the “epicenter” of Black fashion in Minnesota. Continue Reading →

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Where are all the teachers of color in Mpls and St. Paul schools?

First of a two-part story

By Alleen Brown

Contributing Writer


…In St. Paul 15 percent of teachers are not White, compared to 76 percent of students. In Minneapolis, 17 percent of teachers are not White, compared to 65 percent of students. Minneapolis and St. Paul district human resources officials say they want more teachers of color, but race doesn’t trump credentials. Continue Reading →

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This week’s entertainment spotlights!


Various metro-area theaters
A seasoned airline pilot miraculously crash lands his plane after a mid-air catastrophe,
saving nearly every soul on board, but as more is learned, more questions
than answers arise as to what really happened on the plane. Starring Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle.  
TCS.AX Official After-Party
 featuring Raekwon the Chef

Sun., Nov. 4 — 9 pm
 First Avenue & 7th Street Entry
701 1st Ave. N., Mpls., 612-332-1775 or
With Brother Ali, Slug of Atmosphere, Dessa, I Self Devine, Sims,
Los Nativos, MaLLy, Plain Ole Bill and Kevin Beacham
Tickets are $21 in advance and $23 at the door. Continue Reading →

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Gophers tackle represents local talent on the team

It’s a rarity in Gopher football to see a player listed on its current roster from the Minneapolis City Conference. It’s even rarer that a city player is a starter as well. Ra’Shede Hageman is that rarity. Hageman plays nose tackle this season for Minnesota (5-3). He formerly played tight end at Minneapolis Washburn but was switched to the defensive line when he was redshirted in 2009. Continue Reading →

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Election judges keep polling places operating smoothly

Be sure your vote counts by coming to the polls prepared
By Vickie Evans-Nash


Serving as an election judge and helping voters navigate through the voting process is an invaluable contribution to our democratic process. Stephani Booker, who has been an election judge for over a decade, explains what it takes to become an election judge and how to show up prepared next week at the polls. She became a judge by first responding to information in her City of Minneapolis water utility bill. Among several pieces of junk mail was an insert with a number to call for more information. According to the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website, in order to be an election judge:

• You must be eligible to vote in Minnesota. Continue Reading →

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