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No to the Republicrats and Demicans — And no, I ain’t crazy



Malcolm X used to tell a story about how a field slave said, “Let’s run away from here,” but some of the content, satisfied and visionless house slaves responded, “Where can we find a better master [but master nevertheless] than this? Where can we find better clothes [second hand and tattered] than this? Where we gonna get better food [hog guts, scraps from the master’s table] than this? Where you going to go?”

The old field slave said, “I don’t know but anyplace is better than here.”

When talking about this year’s presidential election, I feel like that field slave who couldn’t quite articulate what freedom would exactly look like but knew that his current condition was unsatisfactory. Some folks have talked real bad to me when I have suggested that maybe, just maybe, we should try something new, since most folks have to admit that no real significant changes have been made by either Democratic or Republican administrations on behalf of us Black and poor folks over the last few decades. Continue Reading →

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Leading GOP candidates lack connections to Blacks



By Dennis B. Rogers

Guest Commentator


The race for the United States presidency is on. As of Tuesday, January 4, 2012, the results of the Republican Presidential Primary are in. The Iowa Caucus has concluded, and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney edged out U.S. Senator Rick Santorum by eight votes. According to Iowa poll data, Romney got 30,015 votes (24.6 percent), Santorum received 30,007 votes (24.5 percent), Ron Paul received 26,219 votes (21.4 percent), Newt Gingrich received 16,251 votes (13.3 percent), and Rick Perry received 12,604 votes (10.3 percent). When considering the probable winner, one should note that in the history of America’s 44 presidents only 12 have been elected who were not U.S. Senators, governors or vice presidents. Continue Reading →

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