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Jerry Freeman of the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder talks about his new novel



By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


It’s said that those who can, do, and that those who can’t, teach. In the publishing racket, more than one grousing writer would attest that those who can’t do, edit. Not the case with Jerry Freeman of the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (MSR). Freeman has been editing at MSR — which, closing on 80 years, is Minnesota’s longest-lived African American publication (and, for that matter, the state’s oldest minority-owned business) — for the past decade. At the weekly community newspaper, he has developed a nettlesome reputation by assigning staff ace writer Charles Hallman stories delving into no small amount of controversy, among them a story on Black clergy members’ views on gay marriage and the series “Chasing The Tornado Money” (parts one, two, three) on just how much relief funding actually found its way to North Minneapolis victims of the deadly, vastly damaging tornado in 2011. Continue Reading →

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Why are so many Black men dying?



By Terry Yzaguirre

Guest Commentator


As I arrived at the homicide scene on 21st and Penn Avenue North in Minneapolis on August 18at about 9 am, the crime lab was still working on the bullet holes on the exterior of the home after a shooting occurred around 3 am leaving one man dead and another wounded. Except for a group of about five people, the streets were desolate. The Black community’s radio station KMOJ located just down the street had no one present to update its listeners to the latest brother shot down. If the Black press in Minneapolis does not give a damn when a brother, sister, or our children are murdered, then why should anyone else? As I continued to monitor the scene, two female medical examiners carrying the blue body bag of the deceased walked out the front door. Continue Reading →

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Respect the Black Press



Is the local Black Press getting its due respect? All the local sports teams know about the MSR,but I often wonder if they really understand our presence in the Twin Cities sports scene. Do the local Black athletes know our history? Are they aware of the Black Press’ historical role for Black inclusion in American sports? It’s a shame if they don’t. Continue Reading →

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