Black & Single Blues

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Lesli grew under Keith’s skin and into his brain



A long week. Spent in good spirits, but it was long. After leaving Lesli off at the airport, Keith had ridden back to the hotel and gotten his regular routine in gear — looking over the sheets, running fingering scales. Then he’d punched in and, throughout the show, guitaring in the orchestra pit for The Lion King, his mind was on her. The leading lady, portraying Nala, sang “Showlands” with rich, earthen intensity. Reminding him how Lesli made love. Luis, second chair to first percussionist Lola, once in awhile — when not staring at Lola’s Amazon physique — shot Keith a sharp, smirking glance. Luis, Keith thought, could go pee up a rope. As much as Luis loved riding his buddies who fell for one of these broads on the road, Keith knew the guy was himself holding out for a new lady love. Continue Reading →

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Black & Single Blues — Lesli flew back to L.A. but never left his thoughts




Love. Just like that. Well, he’d wondered, is there really any other way for it to happen except all of a sudden? He’d stepped out of the cab. “Luis,” he said, “since you got so much mouth about other folk bidniz, you can pay the tip.” And went to the stage door. Continue Reading →

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After that first night with Lesli, Keith had to admit it: He was in love



Come morning, room service rang at the door. He’d forced his eyes to open, dragged himself out of the bed, staggered across the floor and was about to answer the door before remembering to put his pants on. Snatching one of the complimentary robes from the closet and tossing it on, he’d opened the door, let the cart in, and closed the door in the poor waiter’s face. Then got right back under the covers. Lesli, half asleep, stretched like a cat, reaching her arms out, not opening an eye. Continue Reading →

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Black & Single Blues: Keith finds himself stuck in Vegas with no Lesli

Keith asked himself: Since Lesli’s all that great, what’s the problem? On top of being scared, he was, for the first time he could recall, confused about a woman. Why the hell was Lesli Hall so important? Especially since so many of them didn’t really stand out in his memory at all. The flight with the boys had been a hoot. Continue Reading →

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Black & Single Blues: Keith worries he might — god forbid! — have found his soul mate


Lesli threatened to — hell, had done it — make a lie of Keith’s conviction that soul mates do not come along in real life. For one, she understood his concerns about identity in relation to her own. That night of their first “date” so long ago, hanging at her crib, he’d listened close as she went on and on about novelists Zora Neale Hurston and Ann Petry (whoever Petry had been). And plays like Dutchman and No Place to Be Somebody. He was blown away by her hipping him to legitimate authors. Continue Reading →

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