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Mpls civil rights director to ‘ride herd’ on hiring goals


But reporting specifically on hiring of Blacks still won’t happen

By Charles Hallman 

Staff Writer


Minneapolis Civil Rights Director Velma Korbel pledged recently that her department will have a “distinct presence” in addressing issues of employment equity and monitoring construction hiring goals in the city. She also said, however, that the department is still not in a position to specify how many African Americans have found work on publicly funded construction projects. “The [Minneapolis] City Council was very clear that they needed someone riding herd on the work that happens” in the city, said Korbel recently to a small group of city residents March 22 in South Minneapolis at an Early Mornings with [City Council Member] Elizabeth [Glidden] event. “One of the main things we are working on right now is the NFL stadium,” she pointed out. The Minnesota Vikings stadium workforce goals are 32 percent “minority” and six percent women. Continue Reading →

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Blacks wait for jobs as White planners plan



Black unemployment in Minneapolis was 20.7 percent in 2010 (nearly four times that of Whites) and even higher today. For Black youth: 45 percent unemployment. The Minneapolis Foundation, the Blue Ribbon Commission, the Pacific Northwest Foundation, and other enlightened worthies can’t figure out how “one of the most generous, philanthropic states in the nation” can have “one of the worst disparities — education, economic development, housing, imprisonment” in the nation. That’s code for “What’s wrong with Blacks?”

It is not a mystery. It’s on purpose. Continue Reading →

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