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Why should I care about bladder cancer?







Approximately 75,000 people die every year from bladder cancer in the United States. Although bladder cancer can occur at any time, it most commonly occurs after age 70. It is in the top five cancers for men and in the top 10 cancers for women. The good news is that if detected early, it can be treated quite effectively. The bad news is that although treated, it can recur. Continue Reading →

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Sugar versus other sweeteners

What effect do they have on the environment? 
By Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss

Contributing Writers


The production of sugar has indeed taken a huge environmental toll. “Sugar has arguably had as great an impact on the environment as any other agricultural commodity,” reports the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), citing biodiversity loss as a result of the “wholesale conversion of habitat on tropical islands and on coastal areas” to grow sugar. WWF adds that the cultivation of sugar has also resulted in considerable soil erosion and degradation and the use of large amounts of chemicals across the tropics and beyond. Some natural food markets now carry sustainably harvested sugar that does not fit this profile, though sugar’s ugly history has led many eco-conscious consumers to look elsewhere to satiate their sweet teeth. Fortunately there are several natural and artificial options that are safe to eat and relatively benign for the environment. Continue Reading →

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