Blak and single blues

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Keith recalls how he and Lesli met — and the foul names she’d called him



Making her way from the bed to the bathroom, Lesli called, “Honey, you there?”

Keith blew cigarette smoke out. “Yeah, baby, I’m here,” he lied in what he hoped was a strong, assuring voice. Fact is, he was, as the saying goes, a million miles away, lost in more worried thought than he’d known in a long time. He listened to himself. His voice didn’t sound the least bit strong or assured at all. It reminded him of being a kid, nauseous with fear at answering an adult’s threatening summons, like a call to account for something somebody had broken in the living room where children weren’t supposed to be horsing around in the first place. His response now was just as helpless. He was a grownup scared to say something that would wound another grownup who had made herself as defenseless as, well, a child. “Hell, some child,” he chuckled to himself, hardly aware he’d spoken out loud. Continue Reading →

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