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Is Cleo Manago the most dangerous Black gay man? Outspoken visionary works to unite Black men while rejecting White LGBTQ politics



Cleo Manago is despised by some in the LGBTQ community. Descriptors like “homo demagogue,” contrarian, separatist, and anti-White are just a few that can be expressed in polite company. However, to a nationwide community of same-gender loving (SGL), bisexual, transgender and progressive heterosexual African American men, Manago is the man! He is seen as a visionary, game changer and “social architect” focusing on advocating for and healing a group of men that continues to be maligned and marginalized — brothers. ”Without an understanding of the deep hurt that Black men have around issues of masculinity and their role as a man, you can’t hope to eliminate anti-homosexual sentiment in Black men. Continue Reading →

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