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Do-over opportunities can come up anytime, anyplace

Over lunch recently with my daughter, her husband, four of my grandchildren and their great grandmother, we spoke about the importance of food and fun. I shared with the great grandmother — whom we now call “GG” — how much I love cooking with my grandchildren from the time they can sit up in a high chair. She marveled at that in the same way my children do. What can be more fun than teaching grandchildren how to read, measure, stir, clean and eat good? I just can’t think of a thing. Continue Reading →

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An early lesson in benevolence

Have you ever thought back on a situation or something you did and wondered, “Who was I and what was I thinking?” Well, I have, and there was an incident when I knew I could have done something differently. At the time I was about 17. I and my then-boyfriend John had left a movie and were walking to get a hamburger. John was as attentive to me as anyone could be. He was about 6’-1”, muscular, well-built, just well put together like a fine piece of leather. Continue Reading →

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Why didn’t I listen?

I’m talking to two of my young cousins who are really super people, solid parents, good marriages, and the best friends one could have. We have a great relationship as family and girlfriends. Here we are talking about how much sweeter life might have been had we listened. As they talk, I think to myself: Would their lives have been different if they had listened to everything they were told? Perhaps — or would they have ended up in the same place? Continue Reading →

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Realizing how family values are transmitted

Growing up in Waterloo, Iowa was my world view. Early on I knew there was something drastically different going on in my house than in some of the other homes of my family and friends. It took me a while to get it. While there were 11 of us kids, I promise you I heard my mom calling my name 20 hours out of the 24-hour day. After all, I am the middle child, and with that comes a lot of responsibility: peace maker, connector, looking for alliances on both ends, top and bottom, of the pecking order. Continue Reading →

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Keeping those skeletons in the closet

Introducing a new column that will appear regularly in the MSR
Recently I was asked why would I want to write a column titled “Every Day is a Do Over.” I responded that I wish someone had told me sooner in this life that I could do better tomorrow. Yes, I have to be honest, it took me awhile to figure that out. As I reflect back over my life, I can think of so many things that I would do differently. I would also repeat a lot of things that went well that I thought were a fluke or just somehow happened. I know I am not the only one who reflects back and thinks of those kinds of things. Continue Reading →

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