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Natural hair: trend, or movement?

It gets deep when you have to define or categorize the hair strands that grow out of your scalp. Where should our natural hair fit into this society in which we live today in 2014? This makes me think of talk show host Arsenio Hall when he said, “the things that make you go ‘hummmmmm.’” There has always been a community of natural hair. In terms of natural hair acceptance or gaining momentum on natural hair styles, without getting too political or historical, in the ‘70s Bob Marley and other Rastafarians from Jamaica made locs or dreads popular. During the same time period in the U.S., the afro was the style of that era and as I recall “momma nem” had their afros on point. Continue Reading →

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Coming back to natural

 Introducing a new MSR column that will answer all your questions on returning to natural hair

In the Beginning there was a curl. I’m talking about our “Afro-textured hair,” and make no mistake about it, we were all born with natural hair…sometimes called nappy, kinky, coily, curly and even straight with intent to curl. The “Bergamot grease blue or green jar” was a staple in our arsenal of natural hair care, especially when it was time for the young girls to hold down them ears and get their hair straightened with a hot comb. The straight hair style could last up to a week or more as long as you did not get your hair wet. It did not matter if you got burnt or your hair was smoking during the temporary straightening process. Continue Reading →

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Ballot or the bullet — Black voting rights still challenged in 21st century


By Corey Yeager

Guest Commentator


On Election Day 2008, I went to my polling site to participate in the most historical election since the origin of this country. I recall the excitement that coursed through me as I made way to my local polling station. That morning, I had made the intentional decision to vote early before I headed to work. My reasoning for voting early that morning held deep meaning. I am an African American male licensed marriage and family therapist. Continue Reading →

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