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Does the Black community suffer from ‘Hood Disease’?

The summer is upon us, which means tensions will be rising soon. We have already had a string of shootings and murders in the Twin Cities. We go through this cycle every year. This year a new term has been introduced to us via the national news. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and a Harvard University research study have introduced the term “Hood Disease.”

This term is not clearly defined. Continue Reading →

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Laughing to keep from crying

Have you ever wondered why someone is always playing around? You know, someone who never seems to be serious about anything, that cousin, friend or sibling you have that just can’t stop clowning. Is it just plain annoying? Or have you ever been in a down mood and needed a good laugh from a movie or TV show? By now, many have heard the saying, “I guess one must laugh to keep from crying.”

Why is that? Continue Reading →

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Little Black girls need daddies, too

As the emotional impact of the George Zimmerman murder acquittal begins to settle, the focus has once again returned to the importance of having healthy men in the lives of young Black boys. This has been the same focus since the 1980s. Rightfully so, as Black males are being targeted and victimized at alarming rates. This is true. However, I believe it is incumbent upon us, as Black folks, to not forget about Black girls as well. Continue Reading →

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Understanding and avoiding John Henryism

Have you ever put 110 percent effort in at work or into a project? Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you worked, it was not enough? Have you ever felt the need to work harder than normal and still not get the credit or respect for your work? Do you think your efforts are affecting your health? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be suffering from John Henryism! Continue Reading →

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Taking Black male healing to the next level

The 2013 Black Men Healing Conference recently concluded on June 21 and 22. This was the fifth year of the annual conference. There was great significance about this year’s conference being the fifth installment. One of the significances is the fact that a conference developed around the concept of addressing Black males’ emotional, physical and spiritual pain made it this long. This is the only conference in the world that has taken this approach to community healing. Continue Reading →

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How does racism cause mental illness?

As we closed out the month of May, the DSM-5 was being released. The DSM-5 is mental health’s equivalent to the Bible. There has been a lot of discussion about addressing racism as a precursor to mental illness, more particularly to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Recently, Dr. Monnica Williams wrote an article for Psychology Today on this very subject. According to Dr. Williams, “Similar to rape victims, race-related trauma victims may respond with disbelief, shock or dissociation, which can prevent them from responding to the incident in a healthy manner. Continue Reading →

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Black women hit hard by chemical dependency


As the weather begins to improve and we plan for all the cookouts, graduations, holidays and birthday parties, one thing that will not be forgotten is the drinks. It would not be a party without them, right? Some of us cannot wait for happy hour to start right now so we can go and get two-for-ones. Do not have any shame in your game. Many of us have been there, needing something to take the edge off from a stressful day. Continue Reading →

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