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Mpls psychologist receives award for professional excellence


The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Minnesota presented Minneapolis psychologist Bravada Garrett-Akinsanya, executive director of the African


American Child Wellness Institute and president of the Brakins Consulting and Psychological Services, with a Professional of the Year award at its Annual Conference, held Nov. 3 in St. Paul. The award recognizes a professional who provides high-quality services, exemplifies best practices, and demonstrates commitment to and leadership in the field. “NAMI recognizes Bravada Garrett-Akinsanya for her work to provide mental health services to children, to address mental health disparities and to help more providers become certified to provide children’s therapeutic services and supports in schools,” said NAMI’s executive director, Sue Abderholden. Continue Reading →

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Societal stressors make Black women, girls prone to depression

Low-self esteem, superwoman syndrome  contribute to personal neglect

By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer

Depression is long a malady assailing females in general. There are reasons to be concerned about its specific occurrence in African American women and girls. BraVada Garrett-Akinsanya, Ph.D., L.P., CAC/BP is a board-certified diplomate/fellow in African centered/Black psychology, executive director of the African American Child Wellness Institute and founder and president of Brakins Consulting & Psychological Services. She states, “There are multiple stressors. One set comes from external sources.” In that category fall such pressures as work, family, church and community obligations. Continue Reading →

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