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Marketing, fast-food locations promote unhealthy eating among Blacks

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


A new study finds that Black and Latino children are more likely to be overweight and exercise less if they attend schools that are near fast-food restaurants. American University Associate Marketing Professor Sonya Grier and Baylor University Assistant Marketing Professor Brennan Davis co-authored the study and found that low-income students and students of color in urban areas tend to have higher body mass indexes (BMI) and drink more pop. The report is published in the current issue of Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.  

“I was surprised given that my research really focused on target marketing and how targeting of youth, especially African Americans, seems to have these extra effects than they have on youth in general,” explained Grier in a recent MSR phone interview. “It

wasn’t surprising, but at the same time it was surprising to think about to what extent there were differences [due to] having fast-food restaurants nearby.”

Black neighborhoods “often…have many fast-food restaurants and have less access to healthy food,” said Grier, who added that the study only looked at areas in California. Continue Reading →

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