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Women pros still struggle for media attention

PHOENIX — The WNBA All-Star Game annually is snubbed by sports fans and sports media alike. Last Saturday’s contest here unfortunately remains only a summertime favorite for those of us who do care. It was his first-ever All-Star Game, Earl Malloy told the MSR, admitting that his wife finally convinced him to join her in watching women’s pro hoops. “I’ve been a season ticket holder since day one,” added Carolyn Malloy, who also went to the 2000 game, the last time it was played in Phoenix. “The women players play a lot better than the men.”



“I love it already,” proclaimed Roosevelt Scott, a St. Continue Reading →

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WNBA players’ dilemma: Make money abroad or stay home and rest?

A  “time off bonus” of up to $50,000 a player can earn for “limiting their overseas play to three months or less” is part of the collective bargaining agreement signed earlier this year by the WNBA players and the league. But is 50 grand enough of an enticement to keep them from going overseas or shortening their time there? “I think that all of the athletes can and should take advantage of the situation to stay home and get that bonus,” advises Columbia College Chicago Assistant Sports Management Professor Monique Maye, whose sports management company also represents female pro players. She believes that the players could instead use the WNBA off-season for attending graduate school or working in their collegiate field of study. “There are so many things out there that they can do using their degrees,” continues Maye. Continue Reading →

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Women hoopsters play longer — and pay a price

A false argument sometimes used in comparing women and men pro athletes, especially in basketball, is using pay disparity as a starting point. Rather this week’s “View,” for your consideration, offers the following fact of at least equal if not greater importance than the pay issue: WNBA athletes work longer than their NBA counterparts. Call it you will, there’s no rest for female hoopsters. While NBA athletes typically get up to three months or more as an off-season, most if not all WNBA athletes’ passports are annually stamped as they head overseas and virtually play all year long, from season to season. “I’ve been going for nine years non-stop, back and forth,” admits New York Guard Cappie Pondexter, a nine-year veteran. Continue Reading →

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Brushes with history worth noting as WNBA season concludes

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


This 2012 WNBA season is now history. Throughout the league’s 16th season the MSR brushed with several historical “firsts” — persons who did something that hadn’t been done before and, in some cases, hasn’t been duplicated.  

Tamara Moore — the first  Minneapolitan

“I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had with the Lynx,” says the team’s first and only Minneapolis-born player. A former 2002 first-round pick by Miami, Moore was traded to Minnesota in June 2002 for Betty Lennox and a future first-round pick, which at the time was considered a controversial trade. “To be the first…and being part of the program and seeing where it is right now is a great experience,” Moore says. Continue Reading →

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