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State’s new health exchange weighs how best to enroll the uninsured




 Outreach and education essential to success

Open enrollment for the new MNsure health exchange program is slated to start this October. “This process of creating a Minnesota [health] exchange was a lengthy one,” states Stairstep Foundation CEO Alfred Babington-Johnson, a member of the health insurance exchange advisory task force. “The State of Minnesota was one of the first states” to work on developing an exchange since the Affordable Care Act became law three years ago, beginning with the formation of the task force. According to the state website (see below), “MNsure will be a simple, easy-to-use marketplace” for consumers to find the right health plans that suit their needs through a five-step process: 1) access the website for selection; 2) review health plans; 3) select a plan; 4) check to see if you qualify for tax credits or other health programs; and 5) complete the enrollment process. Babington-Johnson says that at least 31 percent of the state’s uninsured are low-income persons and people of color. Continue Reading →

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Food shelves have become a necessity these days

Here’s some comparison-shopping, heads-up on a few places in S. Mpls

Jericho Road Ministries, 1628 East 33rd Street, from cheerful volunteers to a usually bleary-eyed Director Jeff Noyed, is a caring operation that goes the extra step to help. You’re always made to feel welcome from the moment you step in the door with no one looking down their nose because you happen to be in need of a helping hand. It’s all about faith-based fellowship. When resources permit, along with food, there’s aid with utilities, phone bills, bus cards. If they can’t help, they’ll provide a lead. Continue Reading →

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Volunteer to learn new career skills










If you are thinking of starting a new career, you may be wondering where to begin. Often, when we decide to transition or take a leap into a new adventure, we are faced with the issue of experience or lack thereof. This hurdle can be daunting and discouraging, but there are many ways to gain new skills and experience while doing good. Why should you consider volunteering? Well, you would have the opportunity to gain valuable experience while meeting contacts in your prospective career field. Continue Reading →

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The McKnight Foundation awards recipients for community service

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Gada Roba of Minneapolis, Gino Nelson of Lakeville and Ibrahim Hussein of Owatonna were among six Minnesotans recently honored by The McKnight Foundation for their community service. Named for the late former chair and president, since 1985 the foundation has given out Virginia McKnight Binger Awards in Human Service to 271 individuals, including this year’s recipients. Candidates are nominated confidentially by someone familiar with the individual’s work, and then a six-person committee selects the finalists. More than 70 nominations were received this past spring. “We read every nomination,” admits committee member Jolene Anderson of St. Continue Reading →

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Homelessness, once temporary, now chronic

Programs serving the homeless  have dug in for the long haul

News Analysis

By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


Increasingly, homelessness has grown from being a temporary problem to being a chronic condition all across America. The cause is multi-pronged. Mortgage New Daily reported on June 1, “Predatory lending practices can leave victims homeless and defeated, stripped of self-respect and hope, their credit ruined.” The National Coalition for the Homeless states, “There were 342,038 foreclosure filings on U.S. properties in April 2009, a 32 percent increase compared with foreclosures in April 2008.”

Unemployment has steadily worsened with six million jobs having been lost since the recession began. Substance abuse, mental illness and domestic violence contribute as well. Landlords, responding to the nation’s financial crisis, avail themselves of the option to sell their buildings to developers who, in turn, invest in gentrification, pricing all but the most comfortably well off out of a home. Continue Reading →

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