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Where are all the teachers of color in Mpls and St. Paul schools?

First of a two-part story

By Alleen Brown

Contributing Writer


…In St. Paul 15 percent of teachers are not White, compared to 76 percent of students. In Minneapolis, 17 percent of teachers are not White, compared to 65 percent of students. Minneapolis and St. Paul district human resources officials say they want more teachers of color, but race doesn’t trump credentials. Continue Reading →

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Tiger ties Nicklaus with 73 career PGA wins



What a remarkable achievement at age 36 — Tiger Woods, the first billionaire athlete, has caught his childhood dream, Jack Nicklaus, in career wins on the PGA tour at 73. Golf is an incredible game, and what you achieve in it is so satisfying. Golf is an individual mental and physical test of your will to overcome yourself. When it’s over, you have to accept what your score is. No sport has been tougher on Blacks than the game golf. Continue Reading →

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