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Proud dad’s encouragement pays off

After a recent 47-25 loss to St. Paul Central in a nonconference football game, Minneapolis Washburn defensive back KIRK BROWN wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone — not even his father. “What did I tell you?” SEAN BROWN said to his son as the sophomore headed towards the team bus. “You have got to be ready to play against St. Paul Central.”

The elder Brown knew what he was talking about. Continue Reading →

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Black firefighters fear fewer Blacks on force

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer



The Minneapolis Fire Department last month began its first firefighters’ class in seven years. However, only one of the 12 new hires is Black, which has several Black firefighters wondering if the department, which for six decades was all White, is abandoning its diversity goals. Minneapolis Black Firefighters Association President Charles Rucker told the MSR that a seven-year-old applicants list had many more Blacks but was changed last year to include returning military veterans. “The list was very diverse,” he explained. “Now we have a majority White class.”

A new federal law last year gave veterans an additional five points as a preferred hiring candidate, explained Minneapolis Fire Chief John Fruetal. Continue Reading →

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