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VIDEO: President Obama gives eulogy for Rev. Pinckney in Charleston

President Barack Obama delivers the eulogy at the funeral of Reverend Clementa Pinckney at the College of Charleston in Charleston, S.C., June 26, 2015.

President Obama traveled to Charleston, South Carolina June 27 to honor the life of pastor and state senator Clementa Pinckney — one of the nine who lost their lives in last week’s shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

“We are here today to remember a man of God who lived by faith. A man who believed in things not seen. A man who believed there were better days ahead, off in the distance. A man of service who persevered, knowing full well he would not receive all those things he was promised, because he believed his efforts would deliver a better life for those who followed.”
— President Obama, on the late Rev. Clementa Pinckney Continue Reading →

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Jones-DeWeever: Confederate flag removal — overdue and not enough

Columbia, South Carolina statehouse dome

The removal of the Confederate flag at the South Carolina capitol grounds has been hotly debated since the June 17 massacre of nine people at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

But it’s not just South Carolina, five other Southern states have the Confederate symbol as part of its state flag: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi. Continue Reading →

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Support grows for taking down Confederate flag

Cornel William Brooks renews call for taking down Confederate flag in South Carolina.

In what is quickly and unexpectedly gaining ground as a fitting memorial to the nine African Americans killed by a White supremacist at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, S.C., some of the most ardent defendants of the confederate flag are reversing course and saying for the first time that the flag should no longer fly over the Capitol in South Carolina. Continue Reading →

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Fragments of the Ark: Civil War saga tells of Black soldiers and survivors



Gifted novelist Louise Meriweather followed Daddy Was a Number Runner with Fragments of the Ark (Pocket Books/Simon and Schuster) a fascinating work of “faction” — well-crafted, fictional characters in an exciting tale steeped in a setting of historic fact. It’s something of, as it were, a blast from the past, having been published in 1994. Nonetheless, this is fluid, image-rich writing, capturing the African American aesthetic with strength and an expert grasp of Black culture circa the Civil War. A perfect companion for idle hours, the book is an irresistible page-turner. In late fall 1861, true to the war’s timeline, the Union Army — outmaneuvered and outmanned — is catching hell from the Confederacy, which, aided by the British, are not far from completely turning the tide inexorably toward triumph. Continue Reading →

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