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Famous Couple Returns Home


Two of the Twin Cities’ most famous theatrical folk returned home to Minneapolis last week. Johnson and Dean, dancers and entertainers known the stage world over and known to their Minneapolis neighbors as Charlie Johnson and Dora Dean, who are actually Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, are home after the greatest season in their 50 odd years of trouping. Continue Reading →

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Peterson proving he’s back in a big way!

Last January during the Pro Bowl game in Honolulu, many of the players in the game signed a giant get-well card to Adrian Peterson. Lou Lampson, a buddy to the stars, organized it. He knew Peterson’s dapper was down. It was intended to let him know he was missed by the guys and they were all pulling for him. The network cameras of NBC TV zoomed in on the huge card, and Peterson, back home in Texas thousands of miles away recovering from knee surgery, saw it and was brought to tears. Continue Reading →

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