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People can and do recover from addiction


National Recovery Month, September, is right up there with Black History Month in its importance to African Americans and deserves to be observed accordingly. Doing so and increasing awareness would be in the interest of communities across the country, since nothing has so ravaged thousands upon thousands of neighborhoods as debilitating and chronic as the plague of crack cocaine.
It is, of course, not alone as a form of chemical dependency, along with alcoholism, heroin, methamphetamine and more. Continue Reading →

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Black women hit hard by chemical dependency


As the weather begins to improve and we plan for all the cookouts, graduations, holidays and birthday parties, one thing that will not be forgotten is the drinks. It would not be a party without them, right? Some of us cannot wait for happy hour to start right now so we can go and get two-for-ones. Do not have any shame in your game. Many of us have been there, needing something to take the edge off from a stressful day. Continue Reading →

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