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Last surviving Four Top honored as a living legend

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer



Abdul “Duke” Fakir, the sole surviving original member of the Four Tops, recently was honored as a “Living Legend.” St. Peter’s AME Church in South Minneapolis on February 23 honored Fakir during its first annual Living Legend Sunday morning service. Born in Detroit in 1935, Fakir later met Lawrence Payton, Renaldo “Obie” Benson and Levi Stubbs in high school, and together they formed a singing group in 1954. Originally called the Four Aims, a musical director suggested they change their name to The Four Tops — to avoid being confused with another group called the Ames Brothers. They remained together for over four decades without a single personnel change until Payton died in 1997, then Benson died in 2005 and Stubbs in 2008. Continue Reading →

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Father-son chess teachers ‘sound like buddies’

News Analysis

By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer



Donald “DJ” Hooker, Jr. is a refreshing change of pace from the all-too-pervasive images of young Black males constantly recurring in the mainstream media. You know: the very picture of rabid recklessness with little sense of community and less regard for human life. The lost-cause character Larenz Tate portrayed in Menace II Society, “O-Dog,” for instance. Tate, it turns out, played a greatly different, sweetly coming-of-age character, the nice kid “Drew” in The Inkwell, which, of course, though just as well made and brilliantly acted as Menace II Society, never drew nearly as much attention. Real life examples on the order of Drew don’t make your typical news coverage. Continue Reading →

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