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How best reduce school suspensions? – Teacher argues the answer is not ignoring classroom misbehavior



By Charles Hallman 

Staff Writer


St. Paul Public Schools’ (SPPS) Black suspension rate dropped only two percent from 2010-11 to 2011-12. Black students there still receive nearly 70 percent of all suspensions. SPPS Chief of Staff Michelle Walker told the MSR that Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) and “Courageous Conversations” strategies, used to help teachers respond more positively to student behaviors — especially those of Black students — has played a huge role in the decline in suspensions. “Suspensions as a [disciplinary] strategy doesn’t work,” she points out. Continue Reading →

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Lack of oral healthcare a crisis for poor children, children of color

Current supply of dental providers  inadequate to meet provisions of  new healthcare law


Twelve years after issuing a landmark report that offered a framework for improving access to oral health, former Surgeon General David Satcher said that profound oral health problems still exist for large portions of the population. He issued a renewed call for action to expand access to oral health care, particularly in light of the millions of children expected to gain dental benefits through the Affordable Care Act in 2014. Speaking at a conference on unmet oral health needs sponsored by the Morehouse School of Medicine and the Sullivan Alliance to Transform America’s Health Professions, Dr. Satcher addressed progress that has been made since his landmark report on the silent epidemic of tooth decay. He also detailed profound oral health problems that remain more than a decade later. “We now have an opportunity [with the ACA] to improve access to dental health services,” said Satcher. Continue Reading →

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Children are in need of safe, stable homes Could you provide one?

By Jill Melaas
Guest Commentator
National Adoption Month is recognized during the month of November. This is a national day of celebration for adoptive families. During this month in communities all around the country, families, adoption advocates, policymakers, judges and volunteers come together to celebrate adoption by finalizing the adoptions of children from foster care. This year the National Adoption Day Coalition is expecting 4,500 foster care children all over the country to be adopted on National Adoption Day. Here at Ramsey County Human Services, we are gearing up to celebrate our Fifth Annual National Adoption Day celebration. Continue Reading →

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