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Gang summit in Mpls

Preparing for summer 2014

The “invitation only” “North Side Safety Summit” (“Gang Summit”) was held April 18, 2014, in North Minneapolis at the School District’s West Broadway headquarters. The Star Tribune reported “why” April 19, 2014: “The city’s North Side has seen one-third of the city’s violent crime and half of the city’s shootings over the past 14 years… Violent crime rose 24 percent…due to more assaults and robberies…centered around the Folwell, Jordan and Hawthorne neighborhoods.”

The purpose of the summit was to find solutions for summer 2014’s anticipated gang violence. Star Tribune: “Some 70 public officials…gathered…to talk about pervasive crime numbers and how to lower them.” The “containment” until winter hibernation returns is not a solution. The real solution, as I wrote about in my April 3, 2014 column, is to end the city political culture that results in providing little for the least among us in education, job opportunities, housing, health care, and further decline in families and community. It should have been called the Summit of Denial. Continue Reading →

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Chief Janeé Harteau is doing a good job

No need to replace her
Minneapolis celebrates the election of its second female in the history of City Government, Betsy Hodges, bringing discussion about her representing diversity balance. Really? How, when for the next four years there will neither be an African American nor Native American on the City Council? This is another reason why it is surprising that less than a week after her announced victory the first rumors about change to emerge from City Hall was considering replacing Police Chief Janeé Harteau with an assistant police chief from Seattle, Washington. Why are she and her advisors so politically tone deaf? Continue Reading →

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Get ready to vote Nov. 5

The City of Minneapolis is gearing up for the Nov. 5 municipal election, which will be the city’s second election to use ranked-choice voting. Candidate filing for the election is now closed, so voters can see who will be on the ballot in November by visiting the elections website:

As we get closer to the election, the City is working to remind folks how to use ranked-choice voting, as well as to make sure people know how to register to vote, how to find their polling place, and to answer any other questions folks have about voting.  

Absentee voting begins Sept. 20 — request a ballot now

Voters who will not be able to vote at their polling place on Election Day are eligible to vote by absentee ballot. Continue Reading →

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MPD looking for ‘a whole new breed of officer’


Chief Janee Harteau expects cops to form relationships in the community

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau says she wants a “values-driven department,” which includes improving relations and restoring trust and integrity. Commitment, integrity and transparency are three things Harteau says she has emphasized in department-wide meetings since taking over last December. “We have many values in this department, but the key ones are those three things,” noted the city’s first female police chief, a 26-year veteran police officer who joined the force in 1987. “I’m getting out in the community as much as I can,” said Harteau last week at a regularly scheduled monthly community meeting held by City Council Member Elizabeth Glidden at Turtle Bread in South Minneapolis. “We all want respect, and I am here trying to earn your respect. Continue Reading →

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