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Youth acquire wide range of skills at hoops camp

Former University of Minnesota men’s basketball standout Clyde Turner recently had his annual basketball camp for youngsters ages 9-16 at the newly constructed Arlington Hills Recreation Center on St. Paul’s East Side. The camp, held from June 23-27, enabled participants to learn the principles of teamwork, discipline, dedication and sportsmanship. Guest speakers were bought in each day to provide participants with life lessons that go beyond basketball. The camp culminated with a well-attended awards ceremony on the final day in which each participant received a medal, others were singled out for individual accomplishments, and camp counselors talked about their experiences and what it means to give back to youth. Continue Reading →

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Sabathani appoints interim executive director



Sabathani Community Center has announced that Lissa Jones has been appointed as the facility’s interim executive director as the board launches an executive search. Her role will include providing executive-level support and conducting an organizational capacity assessment. Jones was deemed by Sabathani’s board to be uniquely qualified to serve in this capacity based on her previous experience and expertise. In addition to leading African American Family Services for 10 years, Jones’ core competencies include strategic growth opportunity development; learning and leadership development; budget management; resource development and grants management; and organizational effectiveness and capacity building. “Detangling organizational puzzles is my secondary love,” shared Jones. Continue Reading →

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Free Kwanzaa camp organized for Northside youth


By James L. Stroud, Jr.

Contributing Writer


The Clyde Turner Basketball Camps came to North Minneapolis’ Farview Park Community Center and offered a free five-day Kwanzaa basketball camp from December 26 to December 30 for boys and girls ages 8-15. Clyde Turner says, “Call it the spirit or say it was inspired by Jesus Christ, but we wanted to give the kids something to do while they where out of school during the holidays and give the parents a break by offering it for free.”

Turner further says that he picked North Minneapolis because of the recent reports of violence caused by and directed toward that community’s youth. “It was an opportunity to not only give back, but also to give the youth something fun, safe, positive and educational to do with their time.”

For the last 27 years, the Clyde Turner Educational Basketball Camps (CTEBC) have offered boys and girls between the ages of nine through 17 a fun and challenging experience of learning the fundamentals of basketball. CTEBC’s mission is to provide a program that meets the personal developmental needs of young people in the Metropolitan area. The camps are usually held during the summer, and parents expect to pay an entry fee. Continue Reading →

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Highland Park defeats South



I was on my way to watch JOSEPH DOBY and DWIGHT ANDERSON help Minneapolis Washburn, coached by former St. Cloud State University player REGGIE PERKINS, to a 74-46 boys’ basketball nonconference victory over Hill Murray, led by former St. Agnes coach DICK GHIZONI. A little voice, however, told me to check out another nonconference matchup featuring St. Paul Highland Park at Minneapolis South for a half before venturing to the Washburn game in the second half. Continue Reading →

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