College Sport Racial and Gender Report Card

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U of M loses ground in athletics racial hiring — Already near the bottom, under Teague it’s getting worse



Diversity in the University of Minnesota’s athletics administration is still a four-letter word: None. After Richard Lapchick’s annual “College Sport Racial and Gender Report Card” came out in July, we asked Gopher AD Norwood Teague to grade his department’s diversity, since Lapchick overall gave college sport a B. Teague couldn’t bring himself to do so. You really can’t blame him, though, especially since after he took over last July he hasn’t hired any Blacks in any key decision-making roles. Lapchick pointed out that college sport has a lower racial hiring grade than pro sports. “The greatest number of career prospects are in college sport rather than professional sport because of the number of jobs available,” he said. Continue Reading →

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