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U of M campus assaults prompt racial profiling

Student drinking, ‘rampant’ mental heath issues also top concerns of Student Affairs

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Conclusion of a two-part story


A series of criminal attacks on and around the University of Minnesota main campus during the summer and fall has created both anxiety and concern about public safety of both students and staff. These attacks also have concerned many Black students, especially males who believe that they are now racially profiled due to descriptions given to police by the unfortunate victims.

“I’ve been listening to students [of color] who say they have been racially profiled,” said U of M Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Danita Brown Young during a recent MSR interview. “Or they feel that people are looking at them differently because they are a male of color, and that the descriptions constantly say, ‘Black male.’

“The problem is this: Most of the perpetrators of the crimes have been people of color,” continued Young, who, in recent meetings with top school administrators and law enforcement officials, has been advising against using simple descriptors in campus crime alerts. “They could be Dominican or Cuban or Ethiopian,” explained the dean. “We do need to try to move away from those descriptors and just focus on crime.”

She added that lately campus police have focused more “on the behavior versus the race. Continue Reading →

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