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Mayoral candidate Betsy Hodges: two-term Minneapolis City Council member

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Mayoral candidate Betsy Hodges pledges that if elected next month she will ensure that city residents will be involved in all decisions. “It’s important to get community input on everything we do in the City,” she states. This includes the $1 billion Vikings stadium project, which Hodges, the budget committee chair, says initially she didn’t support using public dollars for, but nonetheless wants to see that inclusion and diversity is present at all levels of the project from start to finish and beyond. “Certainly when projects are as big as this one, we have to make sure that we are in that partnership,” notes Hodges. “There’s a lot of public money we’re spending [$150 million from Minneapolis], and we should ensure that it is spent equitably and fairly. Continue Reading →

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Can Minneapolis taxpayers afford the CRA?



Is it too expensive for the average citizen?  

The Star Tribune story “New names, old pains on Minneapolis police review panel,” February 20, 2012, reported on what we have reported on for a decade: the slow, continued collapse of the Civilian Review Authority (CRA) and, by extension, the collapse of its parent, the Civil Rights Department (CRD). Thus words in the story were not a surprise to us: “ranks depleted…investigative staff overwhelmed…recommendations routinely ignored,” with the CRA “far weaker” in its investigation “of complaints against the police.”

We know that the quality of professional investigation in the CRA leaves a lot to be desired. We understand why the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Chief Tim Dolan thinks the CRA is incompetent. This is one the dark holes that the Rybak administration needs to be concerned about falling into. Continue Reading →

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