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Acting can help troubled youth face real-life drama

Crossroads Panorama uses theater arts to build coping skills 

 By Dwight Hobbes 
Contributing Writer 
If you’re going to salvage a community, the important populace to focus on is the young. And, face it, the urban African American community is seriously imperiled, which renders a program like Crossroads Panorama — Youth Education Through the Arts ( — helmed by determinedly committed Executive Director Joyce Marrie, Ph.D., a vital resource. Based, fittingly, at South Minneapolis’ venerated Sabathani Community Center, known as a community cornerstone, Crossroads Panorama utilizes the concept that the arts aren’t only for entertainment. “Creative drama therapy,” says Marrie, “provides a means by which youth can learn to take control of their feelings and engage in self-discovery. As they take a role in acting out therapeutic issues, this equips and empowers them to learn how to cope, and not only in a classroom setting but in their everyday lives. Continue Reading →

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