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Co-ops are not for poor people


Let’s be clear on one thing, the true working poor, the unemployed poor, poor people, do not shop at our local co-op grocery stores. Seward Co-op can go on and on about their mission to bring healthy food to the inner city, but if you really want to help poor people in South Minneapolis get affordable fruits, vegetables, rice, beans, salsa, seafood, chicken etc., give them a ride to Cub Foods on Lake Street because that is where poor people in South Minneapolis shop.  

Seward Co-op is on steroids, just slow down! I remember shopping at Seward in 1992. It was in the little storefront that is now Welna Hardware, on East Franklin. Continue Reading →

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Local food broker brings global food to Twin Cities

African, African American and Caribbean foods now available at Cub


By James L. Stroud, Jr.

Contributing Writer


According to an agreement between Cub Foods and Minnesota-based Global African Foods, Inc. (GAF), food items familiar to people from the continent of Africa, the Caribbean islands and African Americans will be distributed by GAF to 30 different Cub Foods stores in the Twin Cities area and a location in Rochester. You can find these items in the ethnic foods section under the African/African American/Caribbean foods banner.  


Global African Foods products are available at the following list of Cub Foods grocery stores:



• Cub Apple Valley


• Cub Broadway in Minneapolis


• Cub Brooklyn Center


• Cub Brooklyn Park South


• Cub Burnsville Heart of City


• Cub Lake Street in Minneapolis


• Cub Lyndale South in Bloomington, MN


• Cub Rochester


• Cub Fridley


• Cub Maplewood East


• Cub Midway in St. Paul


• Cub Nicollet in Minneapolis


• Cub Phalen in East St. Paul

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