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Former Brooklyn Park candidate emphasizes importance of primary elections


By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


Reva Chamblis, former candidate for Brooklyn Park City Council’s East District, isn’t by any estimate sitting around crying over spilled milk. No sooner did her region’s primary elections wrap up (Chamblis missed advancing to the general election by a small margin) then she threw her shoulder back to the wheel, firing up a Get Out the Vote initiative. “Brooklyn Park has over 50 percent minority that are registered voters,” Chamblis points out. “Turnout there was very low, to the extent that it could have been.”

Hennepin County and local districts, Chamblis notes, had qualified minority candidates. “Most lost due to low turnout [among citizens] who have a stake in the election.” There has been, it’s common knowledge, a flap about whether Brooklyn Park’s interests are misrepresented by a lack of minorities in elected office. Continue Reading →

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