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White students’ discrimination complaints at MCTC create atmosphere of censorship

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Some believe that the administrative decision surrounding a Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) English professor who received a reprimand last year may have “far-reaching ramifications” for academic freedom. Shannon Gibney was reprimanded by MCTC last fall after students in her Mass Communications class formally complained to officials that she “offended them” during a discussion on racism. In a letter sent to all

Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF) members dated January 21, Liberal Arts Vice-President Damon Kapke wrote, “The MSCF is deeply concerned” after Gibney’s appeal was denied by the MnSCU System Office. Gibney is Black, and reportedly the students who charged her with discrimination were White. Kapke continued, “The actions taken against Ms. Gibney by her administration undermine the time-honored concept of academic freedom, the right of faculty to teach within their subject areas in an atmosphere of free intellectual inquiry without undue pressure from their administrations or outside groups that might find the lessons counter to their interests. Continue Reading →

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