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‘No Black talent on the air’

White perspectives dominate local mainstream media

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer

Black voices are barely heard on local mainstream radio. It’s even worse in local sports radio. “There is no Black talent on the air in the Twin Cities except at KMOJ,” claims KTWN-FM’s Brandon Wright, a nine-year veteran. KFAN “is too White for me,” proclaims St. Paul African American Leadership Council’s Tyrone Terrill, speaking of the Clear Channel station that has only two Black on-air talents, Henry Lake and Trent Tucker, heard only on weekends, and none on weekdays. Continue Reading →

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Main Street Project tackles array of justice issues

Empowerment at the grassroots is their forte
By Vickie Evans-Nash
Contributing Writer


Main Street Project is a grassroots organizing initiative with three primary areas of interest: economic justice, civic engagement and media justice. Neil Ritchie is founder and executive director of Main Street Project, established in 2005, initially the nonpartisan arm of the League of Rural Voters established in 1986. For about 25 years Ritchie has done rural community organizing work from both a political and economic development perspective. In 2005, Main Street Project responded to a Northwest Area Foundation initiative to encourage leadership in four states that represented their geographic territory — Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon and Idaho. They would assist immigrant populations in rural communities that did not get the same attention as urban communities or have the same access to philanthropic resources. Continue Reading →

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