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Dealing with that first date

First dates: inevitable as death and taxes. Unless, of course, you like living lonely. And don’t come with baloney about you’re perfectly content being single. You’ve made your peace with it, sure, and are comfortable keeping your company. But, don’t tell me you don’t sometimes daydream about being just as comfortable with someone wonderful keeping your company, too. Continue Reading →

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Why avoid single mothers?


Black men have no business looking down on single sistahs with chirren. Long as I’ve been Black, single moms proved a rule, not an exception. Plenty Black men have been, in fact, raised by a single Black woman, busting her hips, all on her own, to make do for self and the young ’uns. Which is pretty damned hard work. Why they catch more stigma than single mothers of any other color defies reason. Continue Reading →

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