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St. Cloud: Mayor’s racism apology was damage control-driven, not remorse








By Myrle B. Cooper and Michael A. Davis

Guest Commentators


Last January, St. Cloud mayor Dave Kleis admitted in belated, childish and insultingly simplistic terms the community’s well-documented “158” years of carefully ignored “race-related failures.” Kleis’ “Oops, our bad” admission received genuflections from Stockholm syndrome victims.

Suspicious Twin Cities Blacks assume damage control desperation. (“At MLK breakfast, St. Cloud mayor apologizes for past race-related failures,” St. Cloud Times, January 20, 2014, “Acknowledging the city’s ‘devastating’ history may help it leave ugly past behind,” Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, February 20, 2014. Continue Reading →

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St. Cloud leaders embrace the area’s growing diversity

Acknowledging the city’s ‘devastating’ history may help it leave ugly past behind
By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis admits that although his city has changed in recent years, the past can’t be ignored. During a scheduled speaking appearance at a local breakfast last month on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, the three-term mayor apologized for the city’s racial discrimination history. In an MSR interview last week at his City Hall office, Mayor Kleis told us, “The night before I was at the NAACP Freedom dinner, somebody at the event mentioned [to me] the editorial” written by St. Cloud State University Professor Christopher Lehman and published that day in the city’s daily newspaper. Continue Reading →

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St. Cloud’s new police chief aims to ‘make things better’

He promises to be a very visible leader in this city undergoing rapid change

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


William “Blair” Anderson was sworn in August 27 as St. Cloud’s first Black police chief. He says he likes the job so much it’s even better than flying an F-16. “One of the things I am focusing on here is doing the right things right,” said Anderson in an August 30 interview from his office at police headquarters in downtown St. Cloud. Continue Reading →

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Unlike SCSU’s Earthbound propaganda, Duluth’s Un-Fair campaign attacks racism



By Myrle B. Cooper

Guest Commentator


At St. Cloud State University (SCSU), a PR firm is charging taxpayers $400,000 for deception while Duluth demonstrates ethics and integrity. Resulting from (a) historic racial hostilities, (b) St. Cloud constantly topping Minnesota’s FBI hate-crimes lists, and (c) St. Cloud City Hall and SCSU refusing to cooperate in racially civilizing the community, both school and city find themselves in deep do-do image-wise. Continue Reading →

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