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In CeCe McDonald case, the wrong hatefulness is on trial



It just shows the institutional racism when Judge Daniel Moreno, at the CeCe McDonald sentencing, disregards the deceased White racist’s actions and aggression that night at the Schooner Bar, and lectures and tries his best to shame and guilt McDonald. Before the media and the justice system canonize Dean Schmitz, let’s be clear — only a fool would believe this man is not a racist when he has a swastika tattoo and is yelling the n-word at CeCe and her friends. They continue to not hold Schmitz accountable for his actions and put everything on McDonald. Judge Moreno tells McDonald, “Despite the hateful words that instigated the fight that night, Schmitz was a man who was loved by his family and friends, and now is dead because of you.”

No! Sorry, he’s dead because of his hateful words and aggression, not “despite” them. Continue Reading →

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‘Racially blind justice’ leaves victims of hate violence defenseless



“Any civilization puts a penalty on taking the life of other individuals. The exceptions would be war time or self-defense. This was not self-defense. She deserves to do some time in prison. There’s no evidence to suggest Schmitz posed a threat to McDonald’s life, and if McDonald did believe she was in danger, she had every opportunity to run away… You have a duty, when you’re not in your home, to flee if possible.” — Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman (City Pages, May 9)

Interesting logic, that it is the responsibility of the person who is being attacked to defuse the situation. Continue Reading →

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