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Spoken Heros: Coach teaches youth basketball and life lessons



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By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


People in our community and their giving spirit to others often go unnoticed as “Unspoken Heroes. Our Spoken Heroes gives the community the opportunity to recognize these everyday heroes and their accomplishments. Without looking for something in return, these heroes are often only rewarded by knowing that others benefit from their efforts. 


There is a community cornerstone as timeless as communities themselves: the caring coach who helps youngsters keep their heads on straight and is there for them as a guiding light in dark times. They don’t replace parents, but they certainly help where moms and dads — especially if they’re single — can use all the help they can get. Many of us can look back down the road and be grateful such an individual, someone like Deb Williams, for instance, showed up in our lives. Continue Reading →

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