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DEED Awards $6.2 million for statewide assessment and cleanup

Projects will create or retain 2,322 jobs
 ST. PAUL — Redevelopment projects that will create or retain 2,322 jobs have been approved for investigation and cleanup funding from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). DEED awarded $6.2 million from its Contamination Cleanup and Investigation Grant Program for 14 projects in the state. The funding will help pay for cleaning up or investigating pollution on those sites. Housing, office and retail space, a hotel and brewery are among the projects planned. Continue Reading →

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Overcoming barriers to employment

Over the last several decades, the number of Minnesotans throughout the state with some type of a criminal record has increased to an estimated one million, or one in five. Some estimates put it even higher. Minnesota has the eighth highest percentage in the nation of its citizens incarcerated or currently on some type of supervision — in 1982 it was one in 98, in 2013 it was one in 26. Many Minnesotans are turned away from employment for which they are qualified even though their record may be unrelated to the job. In addition to this are the high racial disparities in Minnesota’s criminal justice system, combined with racial disparities in other areas of opportunity that make the impact of these records particularly devastating for African American, Latino, and Native American job-seekers. Continue Reading →

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Job vacancies at highest point in seven years

DEED report shows 318 occupations in demand
By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


A recent Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) survey found that job vacancies in Minnesota have risen 18 percent over a year ago, the highest in seven years. DEED Assistant Labor Market Information Director Oriane Casale, in an interview with the MSR last week, said,

“I think…the most interesting thing…was the ratio between the number of job seekers and the number of job vacancies,” pointing to the findings that noted there were 2.6 unemployed people for each job vacancy, compared to 3.2 unemployed persons per vacancy a year ago. “It had been up to over eight people per vacancy during the recession.”

The DEED Job Vacancies Survey, which was released in February, is used to show hiring demand by employers as well as a leading indicator of economic activity, and is conducted twice annually. Healthcare and social assistance (20.1 percent) had the most job vacancies, followed by retail trade (14 percent), accommodation and food services (11.5 percent), manufacturing (9.2 percent) and finance and insurance (7.6 percent).  


Furthermore, the survey noted that the most job vacancies (62 percent) were reported by middle-sized firms (10 to 249 employees), followed by large firms (23.6 percent). Continue Reading →

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