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A call to action: Help your neighbor

The winter season 2013 through 2014 returned Minneapolis to the reality of Minnesota winters. We had been spoiled by the relatively mild winter seasons of the past few years

I own and operate a snow-removal company. This is the first season where I can say, “I got tired of snow.” I don’t mind snow, but for a while the snow was falling every three or four days. This put a strain on bodies, equipment and clients. We serve over 50 seniors and persons with disabilities. Continue Reading →

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Living, surviving and thriving with a disability — Are we equal yet?




There is something that I must be missing, or the ugly head of discrimination is alive and well in this democracy called the United States. The art of forgiveness appears alive and well for European Americans, while the appearance of unequal treatment for others brews under the surface. In one state, we have a European American male running for elected office and winning his party’s nomination to represent the state after previously vacating his governorship of the same state for several days under false pretenses. This person used taxpayer money to fly to another country to have an extramarital affair. No one in the state knew where the governor went. Continue Reading →

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