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Rape in the Fields: the violation of migrant women and girls









There is a noxiously galling, unsavory aspect to the exploitation of Mexican migrants. Have no illusions: Migrant workers — legal and illegal alike — are taken sore advantage of as cheap labor employers can work like horses, not bothering to provide medical care or any job-related benefits at all, including something so meager as unemployment insurance, and can regard as a disposable resource, a piece of equipment that can be readily replaced. These workers come here and regularly put up with abuse for one reason — they desperately need the money. Otherwise, they’d stay the hell home where they speak the language, know the culture, and don’t have to rake and scrape, kowtowing to bosses who don’t respect them, and where they hold their ability to make a living in their hands. It’s bad enough that Mexican men and boys have to go through this to make a dollar — and a poor one at that. Continue Reading →

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Power is in your person


By Marian Wright Edelman

Guest Commentator


“You know, when we started the farm workers movement, I remember going to many conferences, and people [kept asking] how do we do this?… We had to convince people that they have power. “Of course, when you say to a farm worker who doesn’t speak the English language, doesn’t have formal education, doesn’t have any assets, doesn’t have any money, that he or she has power, they say, ‘What kind of power do I have?’ And so what we had to convince the workers is you do have power, but that power is in your person. “That power is in your person, and when you come together with other workers, other people, and they also understand that they have power, this is the way that changes are made. But you can’t do it by yourself. Continue Reading →

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