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Letter to the editor: Mrs. Dunning still ‘crying out for my grands’



The following is an update from Mrs. Dorothy Dunning, the African American grandmother in Mississippi who is appealing a Minnesota decision that allowed a White Minnesota family to adopt her grandchildren. Much of her struggle involves bureaucratic negotiations between Minnesota and Mississippi human services agencies.  

I have recently found out that due to the story [“Crying out for my grands: A grandmother fights to care for her own flesh and blood,” MSR, Jan. 9], people are thinking that I’m ”new to the scene.” I want the people to know that the perception that they have of me is wrong. I have received emails asking me why I waited so late in their lives to try and receive custody of [my grandchildren], when I have been trying to get my grandchildren since I knew of them. Continue Reading →

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The Dunning grandparents file an appeal


I promised the community to expect a follow-up to my last article as to what has transpired in the Dunning case [“Let go of Mrs. Dunning’s babies,” MSR, Jan. 26]. The Dunning grandparents have filed an appeal to challenge the foster parents’ decision not to release the Dunning’s son’s babies (one two years old, one 16 months) into their care. In my research and reading the documents that were gathered in this case, I have found additional troubling information. The Dunnings were told that they had to be licensed in order to have visitations with their grandchildren here in Minnesota. Continue Reading →

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Crying out for my grands — A grandmother fights to care for her own flesh and blood


By Dorothy Dunning

Guest Commentator


I am Dorothy Dunning, the mother of three sons and grandmother of 10, ages one to nine years old. I reside in Gautier, Mississippi, with my husband Lawrence (Larry) Dunning. We have been in legal procedures for over two years trying to obtain custody and adopt our two grandchildren who are in the foster care system in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My life has taken a tremendous turn since I made that devastating phone call that day. I called the Department of Children’s Services and explained how I was concerned about my grandchildren’s well being. Continue Reading →

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