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Novelty ‘bikini’ leagues another slap to real women athletes




Women’s sports, with very few exceptions, still elicit sexist, chauvinistic reactions from too many males, especially those media types who see female athletes as androgynous, titillating, sexy, or some circus clown act. We recently asked fans at a Minnesota Vixen football game in St. Paul if they consider the sport real or a novelty act. “I’m a fan because my daughter’s mom is playing,” responded Calvin Harris as he and daughter Kayla watched rookie Heidi Mindestrom at Concordia University, the Vixen’s home field for their final two regular-season games last month. The Vixen is America’s longest continuously playing women’s football team. Continue Reading →

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Women who love to HIT



By Charles Hallman
Staff Writer


Women have been playing full-contact football in Minnesota for over a decade. They practice twice a week, often after a full-time day job, and then play on Saturdays during the spring and early summer. They play because they love the game and to prove a point: Women can do anything. “A lot of people don’t know that [women’s football] started right here in Minneapolis,” says Cynthia “Red” Bryant of the Minnesota Vixen, which opened its 2012 season last weekend. They play their home games at Burnsville High School. Continue Reading →

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