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Godzilla strikes again

Godzilla, a “radiation-mutated creature” who has been the star of several Japanese-based movies since the mid-1950s, typically stomps its way around smashing things until it is finally subdued. A real-life Godzilla earlier this month got even stronger, thanks to the NCAA. The NCAA board of directors voted 16-2 to give the Big 5 — Big Ten, ACC, SEC, Pac-12 and Big 12, the most powerful and richest collegiate conferences — the ability to “unilaterally change” rules that for years applied to all 350 Division I schools. Now 64 schools, including Minnesota, that currently belong to these conferences could, beginning in January, make up their own rules regarding stipends, recruiting, and practice time limits, for example. Even though all conferences will have this “autonomy umbrella,” smaller leagues like the SWAC and the MAC will be like those airplanes trying to shoot down Godzilla in those movies as the Big 5 will be

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Use of college players’ likenesses under court scrutiny

 Class-action suit could affect larger issue of athlete exploitation
By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer

An anti-trust lawsuit against the NCAA to compensate former and present college athletes for using their likenesses without

their consent is moving forward after a judge recently ordered ESPN to hand over to the plaintiffs its television and licensing contracts. Former Nebraska football player Sam Keller filed suit in 2009 against the NCAA for using former and current college players’ likenesses in archival footage, video games, photographs and promotions. Former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon later filed a class-action lawsuit, and a U.S. District Court in California joined the two cases in 2010, along with other similar claims against the NCAA, Collegiate Licensing Company and Electronic Arts, Inc.


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