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Make Black people more marketable by building our brand

By Marquis Rollins

Guest Commentator


During your daily commute today, if you were to stop at any Mom & Pop’s convenience store in the nation, you would find it. To locate it requires a search because it has yet to be considered to have any significance at all. Abandoned by consumers for its lack of potential and stocked by storekeepers at the very bottom of the shelf because it has no appeal, there it sits — the undesirable brand. Although this product promises to be everything that society would want in a product, it fails to deliver the objective. The label is cheap, the ingredients questionable, and no matter the expiration date, one would assume that it could potentially go bad any day. Continue Reading →

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I remember when the community supported us

By Lovell Oates
Contributing Writer


Conclusion of a series

Last week: If the bridge is not built to reconnect these [incarcerated] brothers…in the end, the work being done in the community will become more difficult because a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.  

I remember when Joe and Tyrone were outcast in the community and brothers and sisters would check their behavior. In fact, their families wouldn’t allow it. I talk about Joe and Tyrone in terms of being incarcerated, yet we all know the community is full of these types of brothers that have never been to jail, which makes it worse for the simple fact that the brother in jail at least has a chance to evaluate his situation. Joe and Tyrone, in the free world, don’t even know that they are clowns and fools because it’s normal to everyone around them. Continue Reading →

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The N-word unchained: Film controversy calls for some education


By Charles W. Davidson

Guest Commentator


By now, movie-goers across the country are embroiled in heavy social media discussions or water-cooler arguments about Quentin Tarantino’s use and Spike Lee’s criticism of said use of the infamous N-Word in the blockbuster hit Django Unchained. There are those who believe that the word is grossly overused in the film starring Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kerry Washington. Then there are those who believe that the film’s utterances help to present a sometimes painful yet accurate depiction of pre-Civil War America. No matter which side of the discussion you find yourself, you probably agree that Whites should not be letting that word escape their lips in 2013. During the last couple of decades there has been an interesting ongoing dialogue concerning the use, misuse, and exploitation of the so-called N-Word. Continue Reading →

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Letter to the Editor: Honoring our community leaders



I am honoring the late Evelyn Eubanks as my local hero. For those of you who never had the opportunity to meet this dedicated leader, you missed out on a great thing. 

Evelyn was a tireless activist in the education of our children. She was the founder of the Minneapolis Parents’ Union and a former chairperson of the Minneapolis NAACP Education Committee. For a little woman, Evelyn had a big voice. She was vocal when she believed the Minneapolis Public Schools were lacking in the education of our children of color. Continue Reading →

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Letter to the Editor: To The Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States of America,


We know you have been working with Congress to prevent our nation from going over the fiscal cliff. The members of the National Black Chamber of Commerce are heartened to see progress being made, and we hope a workable resolution for the business community can be achieved by the end of this year. Of particular importance to the Black business community is keeping investment dollars affordable. We have made great strides in many communities by building our business from the ground up and seek to do even more. However, we are concerned about the cost of capital. Continue Reading →

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Choose your hustle wisely — Self-reliant skills that even a child can learn


In the midst of this struggling economy, many use crime as an outlet for relief. The excuse of “I’m just trying to survive” is hollering out relentlessly as if it justifies the assault on the community, who is also “just trying to survive.”

At the start of this school year, an event occurred in St. Paul that made me acutely aware of just how absurd and unnecessary crime can be sometimes, even in a poor economy. A young mother set out on the task of teaching her nine-year-old daughter how to get her hustle on out on the block. The mother brought her daughter to a local connect to purchase some weight. Continue Reading →

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Letter to the Editor: Spike Moss: a true hero


I came to Minnesota when I was 16 years old. I am now 50. Spike Moss was in charge of the WAY when I was a teenager. While he never seeks accolades, I think it is important that people know that Spike Moss was instrumental in saving so many youth through his program at the WAY and with the Leo Johnson Drill Team. I have attended funerals where Spike’s influence has been discussed among people my age. Continue Reading →

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Speaking up for and demanding full-day kindergarten


By Marian Wright Edelman

Guest Commentator


About four million American children celebrated a very big milestone this fall: their first day of kindergarten. Far too many were already a step or more behind their peers. If we want all of our children to be school-ready so that they can become college, career, and workforce-ready, it’s long past time to offer universal quality prekindergarten followed by universal full-day kindergarten in the United States. A while back the bestselling book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten touched a chord with its simple messages: Share everything. Clean up your own mess. Continue Reading →

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