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Program gears students up for higher education

(l-r) T.C. Ellis, Jaquesha Johnson and David Anderson, advisors and youth event coordinators.

G.E.A.R. U.P. (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Program) was formed and put into place in 1993 by then-president Bill Clinton and Congressman Chaka Fattah, to assist first-generation, low-income, and under-served youth to get ready for post-secondary educational opportunities.

Under the Office of Higher Education’s Get Ready program, this is a federal college and career readiness program that has helped thousands of young people to start college. Many of these students, for a variety of reasons, receive no economic support from their families upon starting college, and there are economic and cultural disparities that greatly interfere with college learning.

One of the founders of the High School for Recording Arts, T.C. Ellis, stated during the event, “We need all of you to spend more time with us…in order to G.E.A.R. U.P. and get ready for college.” Continue Reading →

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Achievement gap already present at kindergarten

Doing the Math

As early as when children enter kindergarten, there are already significant achievement gaps as a result of socioeconomic status. In fact, socioeconomic status is the single largest factor influencing children’s school readiness, according to Inequalities at the Starting Gate: Cognitive and Noncognitive Gaps among the 2010–2011 Kindergarten Classmates. Continue Reading →

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Scholarships groom young Black men for leadership

Abdul Omari

In late April, three African American male college students received the Eddie Phillips Scholarship Award. The scholarship is currently a two-year pilot program awarded to young men who give back to their community through volunteer and community service projects. The scholarship is a partnership of the Minnesota Private College Fund and the Jay and Rose Phillips Family Fund.
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School dean stands in the gap for students of color

Keary Saffold

“Black Lives Matter” is resonating in our nation and is bringing awareness to the changes needed to address many systemic barriers. For Keary Wayne Saffold, it is music to his ears. For the last 13 years he has dedicated his life to ensuring that every child hears that they matter.
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