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Freeing the spirit involves reunion with the ancient self

There is no doubt that as a people we have come a long way in our struggle to overcome some of the most brutal experiences in the history of humankind; social movements as well as legal and political avenues have given us the means to overcome slavery, Jim Crow, and a host of other oppressive forces and atrocities. Yet, there is one struggle that appears to be ongoing, and that is the struggle to heal and build: specifically, to heal the pain stemming from disconnection from culture, loss of community, and separation from our intellectual heritage. Building on opinions expressed by some of our most well-known thinkers, activists and writers, in this article I will address community development from a cultural standpoint, because, as I have been taught by life, it is culture which provides the necessary foundation for a people to heal, work together and build. In my current role as a student of culture and life, I often call upon experiences I had as a child while living in the Mississippi Delta. It was while living in the Delta, an area considered one of the most destitute places in the United States, where I learned from an early age that Black people survived, maintained their integrity, and built economies using culture as the source. Continue Reading →

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