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Keith knows what he wants but not how to get it

How in the hell do you get someone to want you back? Keith was always a firm believer that you can’t make someone want you. Which is why devastatingly gorgeous women never drove him quite as crazy as they did other guys in this line of work. You ran into them all time. If you developed a crush on one and didn’t know how to get over it when she didn’t have one on you, you were going to make yourself insane every time you saw her. Especially when she was with another guy — or, for that matter, a woman. A cover girl he knew from the theatre district made his pulse run hot. But he wasn’t the least bit interested. He learned to live with it. This time was different. Lesli had wanted him once. And, now that he thought about it, he wouldn’t’ve got so mad if she didn’t still want him. That didn’t mean, however, she was going to take him back. She was stubborn enough to hold out until that want died. Continue Reading →

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Electric Ladyland DVD tells behind-the-scenes story of Jimi Hendrix




Jimi Hendrix was one of the most famous Black men of his day. Yet he didn’t have a Black following. He remains, decades later, the most singularly influential rock guitarist to ever walk the earth. That includes Charley Christian, Carl Perkins, Eric Clapton and everybody else. And that still barely registers with the Black public. Continue Reading →

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