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The State of Minnesota’s, Department of Administration, Materials Management Division is currently accepting applications for the position of State Program Administrator Intermediate. This position serves to administer the provisions of Minnesota Statutes § 16C.16 relating to targeted group and economically disadvantaged small businesses and determine the eligibility of those businesses, to monitor vendor performance, investigate and resolve agency and vendor disputes, and to provide assistance to all businesses to improve their effectiveness in competing for state purchasing and contracting. The primary purpose of the position is to;

• Enforce the provisions of the Small Business Procurement Program

for Targeted Group and Economically Disadvantaged (TG/ED) Small

Businesses so they have maximum opportunities to participate in

state purchasing. • Ensure opportunities for TG construction contractors to participate

in state contracting. • Maintain the system for monitoring vendor performance reports sub-

mitted by agencies and vendor responses to those performance reports. Continue Reading →

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