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What is endometriosis?







and Nathan Guimont


Endometriosis is a very common female condition and is defined as the presence of tissue that lines the uterus (or womb) in a location where it is not normally supposed to be. Normally during a woman’s monthly cycle, a mucus tissue (the endometrium) in a women’s uterus builds up and thickens in preparation for fertilization of an egg. When fertilization does not occur, the lining of the uterus breaks down and is discharged at the end of the cycle called menstruation or “period.”

This process is guided by female sex hormones. The endometrium tissue can also grow in other parts of the body, outside of the uterus, and when this occurs it is called endometriosis. The growths are benign but can respond to the hormones as well circulating in your body and guiding menstruation. Continue Reading →

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