Father’s Day

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For Father’s Day, a true male role model

Ulysses Zachery with his family before the loss of his wife Victoria; son U. Elijah Zachery IV is now 15 and daughter Kiarra Zachery now 23

During the month of June, we celebrate Father’s Day to honor the male heroes in our lives. It is also a time to acknowledge those overlooked men who make the commitment to being role models and are dedicated to bring about positives within our African American communities. This month we turn our attention to an unsung hero amongst us, Ulysses Zackery. Continue Reading →

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Torii Hunter: father first, friend second — and champion athlete



Torii Hunter hit his 300th career home run last Sunday in Minnesota for Detroit. While almost every other reporter chatted him up on his historic feat, this reporter instead asked Hunter about being a Black father on Father’s Day. He and his wife Katrina have four sons: Cameron, Darius, Torii Jr. and Monshadrik. “I tried to raise them the right way and give them everything they need in life, and try to give them that correction so when they grow up and leave my home, they won’t depart from it. That was what I was always taught to do,” offered Hunter. Continue Reading →

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