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Rep. Allen’s legislative agenda: social and economic justice




She credits her district’s support for progressive candidates

By Vickie Evans-Nash 

Contributing Writer


When former state representative Jeff Hayden was sworn in last October as State Senator Jeff Hayden, his vacant District 61B seat attracted several candidates. One prevailed in the January 10 special election, and on January 20, 2012, Susan Allen, a member of the LGBT community, became the first American Indian woman elected as a state representative in Minnesota. Allen spoke with the MSR recently on the challenges of people of color in the electoral process and on upcoming legislation that will affect low-income people and communities of color. Allen has lived in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood for 14 years after moving across the country in her youth due to her parents’ work for a national organization. Her parents developed a new model for working in the Indian community through their church. Continue Reading →

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